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Our mission at Settlement Funding Associates is to deliver innovative structured settlement solutions in complex cases that meet both the immediate needs of our clients and the future financial goals of the injured party. Our understanding of the claims process and the challenges that personal injury victims face after a tragic accident drives our unwavering commitment to our clients and Structured Settlements.

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Personal Injury Victims

After an accident, personal injury victims face financial & medical challenges. A Structured Settlement helps navigate these challenges by opting for a guaranteed tax-exempt income stream to support their everyday needs while regaining their financial independence.


A Structured Settlement is a one-time opportunity exclusive to personal injury, wrongful death, & Workers’ Compensation claim settlements to protect your personal injury clients throughout the course of their lives.

Insurance Professionals

During settlement negotiations, converting a lump sum offer into a meaningful stream of payments through a Structured Settlement that the injured party can understand often results in a greater settlement for all parties involved.

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