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A Structured Settlement is a one-time opportunity exclusive to personal injury, wrongful death and Workers’ Compensation claim settlements to protect your personal injury clients throughout the course of their lives while providing financial stability and security with the intention of meeting their future goals.

Securing your client’s future provides an attorney with peace of mind knowing that their recovery will last a lifetime.

Since the inception of structured settlements in 1982, they have stood the test of time and are considered one of the safest options for personal injury and workers’ compensation victims.

Because a structured settlement can address a variety of complex financial and medical issues a structure may allow the plaintiff’s attorney to facilitate an early resolution. Injury victims differ from typical investors as most do not have the same risk tolerance, time horizon or discretionary income to invest their entire settlement in aggressive financial products. Their investment portfolio is typically less risk averse and geared towards producing conservative returns. A structured settlement is an ideal solution for the fixed income portion of their portfolio due to the fact it generates guaranteed tax-exempt returns.

Structured Settlements can benefit an attorney through an Attorney Fee Structured Settlement.

Structured Settlements are crucial in funding Medicare Set Aside Arrangements, Medical Trusts & Special Needs Trust

Medicare Set-Aside arrangements

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal agency, allows for a Medicare Set-Aside to be funded over time using structured settlement payments versus a lump sum payment and is advantageous to the injured worker and the employer or its workers compensation carrier.


According to the national endowment for financial education, about 70% of individuals who win the lottery, receive an inheritance, or personal injury award, likely file for bankruptcy within 3 to 5 years.

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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

A physical injury or the death of a loved one is emotionally and financially devastating and can affect every aspect of your life. 

A catastrophic accident or medical mistake often leaves a personal injury victim disabled and impacts their earning capacity significantly.   Their injuries prevent them from returning to the workforce and reduces their earning power.   When the primary or sole income provider dies, the spouse may be forced to make major changes in their life, such as moving from their home because it is no longer affordable or not being able to pay for their child’s education.

A structured settlement can help ease these heavy financial burdens with guaranteed tax-exempt payment streams designed to provide long-term financial stability.


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