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During settlement negotiations, converting a lump sum offer into a meaningful stream of payments through structured settlements that the injured party can understand and appreciate often results in a greater settlement for all parties involved.  

  • Structured Settlements provides the claim professional with the time value of money and maximizes the value of the offer by providing a payout significantly closer to the demand.
  • Structured Settlements may also offer the possibility of more accurate reserve allocations and ultimately the ability to move liabilities out of reserves and off the books. 

Structured Settlements in Workers Compensation claims are advantageous to the injured worker and their family as well as an employer and the workers compensation carrier. 

  • Resolving a workers compensation claim with a structured settlement transfers the risk and the administration and management of a file to a life insurance company, allowing  the employer or workers compensation carrier to reduce the reserve and close the file.
  • Since workplace injuries can have a long-term effect on future wages and medical care, a structured settlement can address the injured workers’ long-term medical care and future wages by creating payment streams to replace all or part of their wages or medical expenses, and provide for their child’s education.

Upon the death of an injured worker or if a widow or widower remarry, the workers’ compensation benefits end leaving the family without a source of income.  Structured Settlements offer a solution with guaranteed payments to the injured workers’ spouse or children.  If the widow or widower remarries the structured settlement payments continue. 

Structured Settlements are crucial in funding Medicare Set Aside Arrangements, Medical Trusts & Special Needs Trust

Medicare Set-Aside arrangements

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal agency, allows for a Medicare Set-Aside to be funded over time using structured settlement payments versus a lump sum payment and is advantageous to the injured worker and the employer or its workers compensation carrier.

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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

A physical injury or the death of a loved one is emotionally and financially devastating and can affect every aspect of your life. 

A catastrophic accident or medical mistake often leaves a personal injury victim disabled and impacts their earning capacity significantly.   Their injuries prevent them from returning to the workforce and reduces their earning power.   When the primary or sole income provider dies, the spouse may be forced to make major changes in their life, such as moving from their home because it is no longer affordable or not being able to pay for their child’s education.

A structured settlement can help ease these heavy financial burdens with guaranteed tax-exempt payment streams designed to provide long-term financial stability.

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