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Single Premium Immediate Annuities

A Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) is an annuity available to anyone, including a personal injury victim that did not opt for a tax-exempt structured settlement as part of their personal injury settlement. The SPIA is funded with a single lump sum payment and serves many needs. Payments typically start immediately or start within the year of purchase.

These payments can be either a fixed amount or include a predetermined cost of living adjustment designed to meet both present and future needs.
The guarantee of lifetime income makes a SPIA an excellent alternative to traditional pension plan investments, which are subject to stock market volatility.

Even though a SPIA is funded post settlement, there are advantages.  Since part of the monthly income received from a SPIA is considered a return of principal, it is excludable from income taxes, the payments provide a guaranteed source of income with no investment risk, financial stability.

Post Settlement & Other Products

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