Structured Settlements in Cherry Hill, Hackensack, Roseland, Jersey City, Fort Lee, and the Surrounding Areas

Structured settlements have been around for many decades, but they are still something that most people in Cherry Hill, Hackensack, Roseland, Jersey City, Fort Lee, and the surrounding areas are not familiar with. This is where the team at Settlement Funding Associates can help with their many years of experience dealing with a variety of structured settlements. When you have a case where a structured settlement might be an option, or if you want to have your fees be on a contingency basis, then give us a call and we can help you understand all of the options and put a structured settlement into place.

How Structured Settlements Work

Couple Walking in the Park After Setting Up a Structured Settlement in Cherry Hill, Hackensack, Roseland, Jersey City, Fort LeeWhen you have a legal settlement, there are two options that the plaintiff can have: a single lump-sum payment or receive periodic payments through a structured settlement. The amount of money received is the same, however, it often is a better situation to have the amount paid out over a series of payments. The financial product that provides these period payments is called an annuity.

In the case of attorneys who have their work done on a contingency basis, this means that they can structure their fees so that they are done in a structured settlement. This means that the attorney will be receiving their fees over a period of time. This provides them a number of benefits including having a customized flow of income for their practice, financial security with the income happening over a number of years, and more.

Contingency Fees and Structured Settlements

For many personal injury or medical malpractice attorneys, they will advertise that they only get paid if the client wins their case. This is the contingency basis for fees, and it has worked well for many attorneys. When they win a case, instead of taking the lump sum of fees from the judgment, they will instead do a structured settlement for their fees. This means that they will be receiving periodic payments for their services over a period of years. Often times in the agreement between the client and attorney, if they lose the case, the client will still need to cover at least some of the expenses that have been incurred by the attorney. However, an attorney will often not take a contingency fee for a case that is small in nature because they will end up losing money.

Don’t speculate on when you should do a structured settlement in Cherry Hill, Hackensack, Roseland, Jersey City, Fort Lee, and the surrounding areas. Contact Settlement Funding Associates today to learn more and put us to work for you.