PAJ Attorney in Fort Lee, Roseland, Cherry Hill, Hackensack, Jersey City, and the Surrounding Areas

Being an attorney and working cases in PA and the surrounding areas can sometimes feel like a solitary effort. This is just part of the reason why the Pennsylvania Association for Justice exists, and connecting attorneys with specialization is another reason. This is why Settlement Funding Associates is proud to be a Gold Partner with the PAJ and we are also a preferred partner when it comes to structured settlements. When you have a case where a structured settlement either is or could be a part of the final judgment, you want to work with an experienced partner. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Work with a PAJ Attorney?

Gravel on Table for PAJ Attorney in Fort Lee, Roseland, Cherry Hill, Hackensack, Jersey CityThe entire organization of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice is designed to help trial lawyers connect with other trial lawyers who have expertise in a variety of different areas. Whether you have a case involving a nursing home incident, a civil rights case, medical malpractice, social security issues, or other issues, the odds are that you can quickly and easily connect with another PAJ attorney who can provide assistance with your issue.

At Settlement Funding Associates, we have had the privilege to work with a wide range of PAJ attorneys who have needed assistance with structured settlements in a variety of different cases. Each case is unique, but we have years of experience in making sure that any structured settlement is made clear for all parties. In larger trials, often part of the final judgment is for a large sum of money to be awarded to the plaintiffs. These cases will typically include a structured settlement, and that’s where our team can come in to provide the needed assistance for the final judgment.

Structured Settlement Payments for Your Clients

While attorneys are an experienced group, no attorney knows everything regarding the law, and this is true regarding structured settlements as well. For new attornies, a structured settlement could be a new concept as part of a judgment and having an experienced partner can really make things go smoothly. Some attorneys operate on a contingency basis, and structured settlements provide them with a way to smooth out the peaks and valleys of income for their practice. There are all kinds of structured settlement options, and our team can make the process faster and easier.

Having worked with PAJ attorneys all over Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas means that we have gained the trust and experience needed to help with all aspects of structured settlements. Contact us today to learn more and work with a fellow PAJ attorney.