PAJ Attorney in Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Jersey City, Roseland, and the Surrounding Areas

When you are looking for an attorney, how do you know that you’ll get the right attorney for your issue in Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Jersey City, Roseland, Pennsylvania or the surrounding areas? At Settlement Funding Associates, we are a proud Gold Partner with Pennsylvania Association for Justice, and are a preferred partner for dealing with structured settlements. When it comes to working with a qualified attorney, choose a PAJ attorney.  At Settlement Funding Associates, we work with PAJ attorneys regularly.

Why Work with a PAJ Attorney?

PAJ Attorney Shaking Hands with a Client at a Desk in Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Jersey City, RoselandAttorneys that are members of the Pennsylvania Association for Justice are experienced attorneys in the state of Pennsylvania. As their motto states, “Preserving citizens’ right to justice for over 50 years,” Pennsylvania Association for Justice is an active advocacy organization that exists to help trial attorneys prepare themselves to be the best that they can be and represent their clients to the best of their abilities.

Settlement Funding Associates is proud to partner with the Pennsylvania Association for Justice. In larger trials, often part of the final judgment is for a large sum of money to be awarded to the plaintiffs. These cases will typically include a structured settlement, and that’s where our team can come in to provide the needed assistance to make sure that the structured settlement is put together in the best way to support all parties involved.

Structured Settlement Payments for Your Clients

There are several instances where a structured settlement is the preferred option for successful cases. Medical malpractice cases, railroad cases, general liability cases, auto liability cases, government cases, and several others are typically ones where the final judgment comes as a structured settlement for the plaintiff(s). No attorney knows everything, and that’s where we come in to help explain what a structured settlement is, how it works, especially with the courts, and how to present this option to both the court as well as the clients.

We have worked with attorneys all over Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Jersey City, Roseland, and throughout the tri-state area, and work with PAJ attorneys as well as all across Pennsylvania. When you have questions related to a structured settlement, make the call to Settlement Funding Associates. We’ll help clarify things and get you the right information you need.