Claim Settlement in Roseland, Hackensack, Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, and the Surrounding Areas

Claim settlements often arise from an accident happening, and while we would like it to be a simple process, it usually isn’t. Filing the claim is just the start of the process in Roseland, Hackensack, Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, or the surrounding areas. Our experienced team at Settlement Funding Associates can help with the claim settlement process as the insurance company will push back for details about the claim. Don’t be intimidated, stand your ground and have all of the information ready to go. Contact us today so we can provide the guidance you need for a positive claim settlement.

Important Steps in the Claim Settlement Process

Men Shaking Hands After a Claim Settlement in Roseland, Hackensack, Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Fort LeeDocumenting the incident is the first step to building the case that supports the claim that you will file. Take pictures of any damage as well as the full scene, and keep copies of all of the paperwork that is associated with the claim, including police reports, witness statements, and other documents. Also, before filing the claim, it is important that any medical issues have stabilized so that there are no surprises after filing the claim.

Be sure that you don’t wait too long to file the claim as well. Different states have different statutes of limitations on claim filings, so be aware of the window of opportunity that you have when filing a claim. When you do file a claim, it begins with submitting the demand letter where you spell out in polite language what happened, who was involved, the various suffering and issues due to the incident, and then finally to list out what you seek with your claim.

Once the letter has been submitted, you will be waiting for the response from the insurance company. At this point the negotiation has begun as the insurance company will likely provide something less than what was originally requested. This is a game of patience, and the insurance adjuster will be hoping that you lose patience before they do. Court may be inevitable if things do not move forward.

Settlements Can Dramatically Change Finances

It is important to keep in mind that, with some claims, the financial amount being talked about is seriously life-changing funds. A plan should be developed to help deal with this large amount of money. At Settlement Funding Associates we have experience dealing with large sums of money and how to handle it when it comes through. People all over Roseland, Hackensack, Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, and the surrounding areas need assistance with claim settlements, and we’re here to help you with just that.