Claim Settlement in Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Roseland, Hackensack, Fort Lee, and the Surrounding Areas

Insurance claims are settled every day of the week. However, in some claim settlements, there are issues that prevent cases from settling nicely, and that can happen in Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Roseland, Hackensack, Fort Lee, or throughout the tri-state area. Usually, when attorneys get involved, the situation has progressed, and you might not be sure what to do. Our team at Settlement Funding Associates can help you handle claim settlement issues that you may have, just give us a call to learn more.

What Happens Before It Gets to an Attorney

Judge with Gavel and Paper Before a Claim Settlement in Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Roseland, Hackensack, Fort LeeClaim settlements have a process that they go through before they ever get into the hands of an attorney. The process all starts when the insured files a claim with their insurance company due to an accident or other event that should be covered by the insurance company policy. Many claim settlements can end at this point, where both parties are satisfied and life goes on. But a few people aren’t satisfied with what the insurance company offers, and then the claim escalates.

Documentation will now be required of the insured to prove their case, and this includes reviewing the insurance policy in full. The insurance policy will likely offer at least one option related to arbitration or appraisal services to help settle the differences between the insurance company and the insured. An arbitrator that is versed in insurance issues will be the ideal arbitrator, and can decide if the offer from the insurance company was fair.

After arbitration, if the insured still isn’t satisfied, they will likely then consult an attorney for their claim settlement issues, and that’s where you come in. They haven’t gotten the resolution to the issue at hand, and now you are faced with handling an upset client and potentially an upset insurance company. Many attorneys seek assistance with claim settlements because of what is involved and the positions of each party.

Claim Settlements Demand Patience and Help

As attorneys ourselves, we understand the importance of having colleagues that can help out from time to time with different cases. Part of what makes a good attorney is having patience to fully understand the case before them, and understanding when they could use some help. Settlement Funding Associates have helped hundreds of attorneys with claim settlements and more all over Jersey City, Cherry Hill, Roseland, Hackensack, Fort Lee, and the surrounding areas. Call us today to learn more and put our experience to work on your claim settlement cases.