Claim Settlement in Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Jersey City, Roseland, and the Surrounding Areas

No matter what it is from, having a claim settlement in Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Jersey City, Roseland, or the surrounding areas could mean that you are getting a large sum of money. While having all of this money seems to be nice, you may want to have another option to receive that money and our team at Settlement Funding Associates can help you work through these options. The earlier we can get involved in your claim settlement the easier it will be to have things work how you want them to. Contact us today to learn more.

Steps in the Claim Settlement Process

Group of People at Table Smiling After a Claim Settlement in Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Jersey City, RoselandA claim settlement has to start somewhere, and the incident is the starting point. It might be a vehicle accident or a work incident, and this is where all kinds of information are gathered, witnesses interviewed, and even the local police may be involved. This is the first step in the process. Step number two is filing the claim itself. With all of this information the claim is filed with the insurance carrier for review and determination of what, if any, compensation is due to certain parties. An adjuster is commonly brought in at this second step as well.

Step three is the determination of fault. Was it your fault that the accident happened? Was it the fault of the business for not having the proper safety gear? This liability determination is important when it comes to who should receive a claim along with how much. The final step in the claim settlement process is the payment of these claims. This is where you will find out how much you will expect to receive. While you may not think that having Settlement Funding Associates involved in the process would make a difference, we can make a difference in the total amount you receive.

Settlements Can Dramatically Change Your Finances

When you receive a claim settlement, especially when it is given as a lump sum, it can dramatically change what your finances look like. This can also have an impact on your tax burden if you aren’t careful. Having our experienced team at Settlement Funding Associates involved with your claim settlement can mean the difference between having a nice stream of money over years coming your way or having to scramble to deal with a large sum of money that you aren’t prepared to handle. People all over Cherry Hill, Fort Lee, Hackensack, Jersey City, Roseland, and the surrounding areas have trusted us to help with their claim settlements.