About Settlement Funding Associates:

Owner of Claim Settlement & Structured Settlements Company in Fort Lee, NJ, Serving NJ, PA, & NYMeet the President:

A Structured Settlement Annuity Consultant and Founding Partner, Kim Taylor has over 35 years of experience in developing customized structured settlement plans for every type of claim. She works as an advocate to the settlement process with the injured party and its family members, the insurance representative, plaintiff and defense attorneys, and is involved in complex negotiations between insurance carriers and plaintiff attorneys.

Ms. Taylor assists with analyzing future financial needs, lost wage projections, life care plans and vocational reports to provide a structured settlement solution. When Special Needs Trusts are warranted, she works with trust attorneys.

Ms. Taylor trains and educates clients in the use of structured settlements in negotiations, and conducts seminars on the use of structured settlements in liability workers compensation and Medicare Set-Aside Allocations.

In her roles as president, chief operating officer and marketing director of Settlement Funding Associates, Inc., Ms. Taylor is responsible for managing client growth. Ms. Taylor has a strong network of relationships throughout the United States that includes claims professionals, attorneys, mediators and other industry specialists.

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